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  • Tree Partners Foundation Nursery

    The Tree Partners Foundation has established a legal partnership with the United States Penitentiary in Atwater, receiving the use of 26 acres of land from them, with access to water, power, storage, some equipment, and very importantly, free labor.

  • Education Center

    We are also developing a small educational nursery facility within the city limits of Atwater. This is to serve local elementary students, Merced County Office of Education’s developmentally challenged students, and will also be available for the underserved youth for after school nature activities.

Tree Planting

Growing our Urban Forest

At the heart of our efforts, Tree planting is a very important component of all of our programs. Tree Partners Foundation plants trees for the benefit of everyone in places such as elementary schools, parks, government grounds and private property.

Tree Inventory

Documenting our Urban Forest

Tree Partners Foundation is working to document the resources related to and including trees in the communities we serve. This research and documentation will help identify areas of our community that need the most attention.

Tree Maintenance

Keeping our Urban Forest Healthy

Tree Partners Foundation works with local agencies and private parties to keep our urban forest healthy, recommending pruning and water schedules and techniques and more.



A Healthier Urban Forest

The Mission of the Tree Partners Foundation is to preserve, protect and enhance the urban forest of the Central Valley.


What is an Urban Forest

An urban forest is the forest where you live; the trees along your street, in your parks, and in your yards.